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How you can replace backup light

Take the w16w led canbus light bulb as a reverse light bulb for instance, conveniently comply with the below steps to change a back-up light, it is comparable on a lot of lorries.

The first thing to do is to identify which among the light bulbs is the reverse light of the light housing. The opposite light is usually clear as well as white.

Get rid of the tray and make use of a wrench to eliminate the nuts.

When eliminating all the nuts, pulling on the cover, you could discover where the get light setting is.

To remove the bulb, simply turn the link and draw it out. Draw the bulb out off the connection. You could see the factory halogen bulb.

Mount the w16w led canbus light bulb for example, it is easy to plug and also play. Plugging in the link as well as it is done.

Place the led bulb into the light real estate thoroughly and also the installation done. Finally complete all the nuts back into the initial areas.

When the installation is done, we should test whether the back-up light works normally.

By testing the light, we do not recommend to turn on the automobile, due to the fact that it is dangerous.

Maintaining the auto off as well as put the switch on, like you gonna transform it on, and simply put the W16W led canbus reverse light bulbs and also equipment, the light bulb should turn on. Making sure the light bulb is entirely in illuminate.

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